The projects and programmes falling under this axis aim to develop a framework of integrated intervention in the city, with a purpose to achieve regeneration through restructuring, improvement and recovery of public areas. Specific objectives are, among others, to protect and promote the natural city environment, to restore the city’s degraded areas, to enhance the quality of its cleaning services, and overall to support the sustainable development of the city.


The EU programme ECO BUILD SEE seeks to provide the city’s stakeholders, namely public administration, businesses and citizens, with the necessary tools and means, so as to collectively formulate an ecological and qualitative culture for the development of the city, by mapping processes and sharing responsibilities. Ultimate goal of the programme is the development of a new concept of urban design and planning for the city.

This 18-month programme will last until June 30 2014 and engages 13 partners from 9 EU member states as well as a wide variety of stakeholders. ADDMA is in charge of the programme’s promotion and dissemination of its results to the public, as well as for developing a case-study for the Athens’ city centre.

Total Project Budget: € 2.397.340

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