ADDMA has defined a comprehensive master plan for the enhancement of the tourism sector in Athens, aligned to the approach of other successful European cities.

ADDMA’s approach is based on three pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Operations and Management Re-engineering of the City of Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Pillar 2: Destination Management and Product Development
  • Pillar 3: Destination Marketing and Promotion

The following EU co-financed tourism projects are managed by ADDMA under the 1st  Axis of The Athens Project:

Establishing a Destination Intelligence System (DIS)

ADDMA’s DIS aims at providing continuous and reliable intelligence regarding the local visitors’ economy through the systematic collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. The objective is to maintain a reliable, on-going flow of information to guide the City’s policy-making process.

Experience Design and Product Development

This project focuses on enriching Athens’ tourism offer by developing thematic destination experiences and packages, targeting niche market segments.

Promoting Athens through B2B Channels and the Web

Actions include: a) publication of Athens’ Travel Trade Manual; b) participation in international Expos and conferences; c) Press trips and Fam trips; d) upgrading and promoting Athens’ volunteer greeters program 'This Is MY Athens'; f) Web and social media campaigning.

Athens Destination Specialist Program (ADSP)

ADSP aims at creating a broad international network of dedicated tour operators accredited as experts on Athens through an online and on-site familiarization program and annual prize winning competitions.   

Investing in Athens’ Online Content and Presence

ADDMA is in the process of revisiting its online presence in order to refresh and upgrade its online content. In parallel, ADDMA is integrating its web and social media communication channels in order to create a homogeneous, state-of-the-art online information outlet.

Light Scale Interventions in the Historical Centre

ADDMA is maturing a number of projects including: a visitors’ flow management system, signage, improving accessibility for persons with disabilities and a free wi-fi network in the historical center.

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