ADDMA’s programmes falling under this axis aim at promoting social economy and social entrepreneurship, as well as corporate social responsibility. These programmes are part of the Municipality of Athens’ Social Reconstruction Strategic Plan, which overall involves projects to fight unemployment, promote social inclusion and support socially vulnerable groups with special focus on the homeless and people who live below the poverty line. These projects are implemented by the Municipality’s Social Services and other civil society stakeholders. ADMMA’s programmes are:

Local Actions for Integrating Socially Vulnerable Groups (TOPEKO)

ADDMA participates in six development partnerships, funded by the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare, with the objective of developing an integrated support plan to prepare socially vulnerable groups to enter the labour market.
Beneficiaries are 520 people living in the Municipality of Athens.
These 6 development partnerships are:

  • ‘Co-working in the historic centre’, with a total budget of € 380.000, to be concluded on 30/06/2014.
  • ‘Integration for All - PRE – ACTION’ with a total budget of € 450.000, to be concluded on 30/06/2014.
  • ‘Creation of Social Enterprises for the Vulnerable Groups in the City of Athens’ -  ‘More colour in our lives - changing the City’ with a total budget of € 350.000 to be concluded on 30/06/2014.
  • ‘Developing Social Economy for the support and achieving an integrated inclusion of socially vulnerable groups in Attica’ - DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP "CO-BUSINESS IN ATHENS" with a total budget of € 276.000, to be concluded on 30/06/2014.
  • Bridging the gap - Solidarity and support for women - DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP "DIEXODOS” – it involves an integrated intervention (including career, legal and psychological counselling) to support social reintegration, job search and work placement for 70 women who have experienced violence and abuse, with a total budget of € 380.000.
  • Forum for Equal Integration - DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP "ANTAIOS”. This project seeks to support 90 beneficiaries - third country nationals, who currently legally reside  in Athens and are at risk of social exclusion. Total budget: € 450.000.

“Actions in Neighbourhoods”: raising awareness of the “host society” on issues related to the integration of immigrants

The project entailed a series of workshops and happenings organised in Athens and Thessaloniki whose aim was to promote the social inclusion of local residents and third country nationals, legally residing in the two cities. Events and happenings were organised in open spaces in specific neighbourhoods of Athens and Thessaloniki.  Special workshops took place during public holidays, accompanied by cultural and athletic events, which were all covered and promoted by local radio stations.  Citizens coming from different professional and social groups, locals and immigrants, had the opportunity to meet and interact, having fun, dancing and singing. This was a show-case of how  social capital is shaped at the regional level, through the active participation of the region’s  citizens, by embracing multiculturalism and fostering interaction at the neighbourhood level.

Total project budget:  € 249.845

Community work

The Municipality of Athens and its agencies, in cooperation with 11 non-governmental organisations, participated as affiliated partners in implementing 6 community work programmes for the unemployed which were financed by the Human Resources Operational Programme of the Ministry of Labour. Approximately 1.000 people with different specialisations were employed by the NGOs and were assigned to various municipality departments and agencies during these five-month programmes that ran from the summer of 2012 until the summer of 2013.

Local Integrated Programmes Boosting Employment (TOPSA)

These programmes will directly serve 37.000 job seekers. ADDMA participates as a partner in 6 programmes-developing partnerships, benefiting around 500 people who will be trained in specific sectors, such as tourism, “green jobs” and care services preparing them to enter the local labour market in the aforementioned areas. These programmes are:

  1. “Working on tourism” (supporting 78 unemployed citizens in the Attica region)
  2. “Boosting the tourism sector” (supporting 78 unemployed young people)
  3. “Cooperation Movement” (education of 78 recently unemployed people in green jobs)
  4. “Green innovative jobs” (introducing 78 young unemployed citizens to jobs related to recycling and green driving)
  5. “Athens Society” (establishment of five social cooperative enterprises)

“ACHARNAI” (establishment of social cooperative enterprises that process leftover food of vegetable origin, protection of stray and domestic animals, maintenance and guarding of technical and  public facilities).

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