Strengthening entrepreneurship constitutes a strategic priority for Athens which aims at being the driver of Greece’s economic transformation.

Athens’ value-chain approach promotes local dynamic sectors enjoying international comparative advantage, fostering linkages, boosting competitiveness and job creation, especially for the young. Specific objectives include the development of the tradeables sector, the support of the start-up business ecosystem, and coupling effectively industry needs with scientific research.

Targeted Sectors: tourism, ICT, creative industry

In developing its strategy ADDMA has undertaken the following steps:

  1. Conducted a diagnostic study on the local economy.
  2. Led extensive consultations with relevant government organisation and business actors through questionnaires and individual meetings.
  3. Conducted a local mapping and needs assessment.
  4. Studied best practices from successful EU cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona etc.

In face of rising social challenges, ADDMA is investing in the promotion of social innovation as part of its plan for fostering social cohesion, tackling unemployment and improving social services. To this effect ADDMA produced a strategy paper on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship on behalf of the City of Athens.The paper’s findings have motivated ADDMA in supporting the local social economy by setting up the “Enterprising Socially” iniative (Link

Information-Communication-Technology (ICT) Start-up Incubator

Currently ADDMA is implementing the following projects on entrepreneurship:

The incubator for ICT business start-ups will offer an integrated set of services including workspace, training, mentoring and business-to-business networking. Some 140 business groups are expected to benefit from this project by the end of 2015.

Creative Industries Incubator

Artists and groups or individuals from design sector are to be groomed as start-up entrepreneurs through state-of-the-art incubation services. Some 100 start-ups are expected to benefit from this project by the end of 2015.

"A creative industry enterprise hub, which will host and support new businesses that have added value and highly commercial potential”

The project aims to develop and operate a hub for start-up businesses that produce and sell competitive, innovative and highly commercial attractive products and services. Creative design will be highly utilized in the production process of the final product. The project will benefit people that have a business idea and need support in their first steps of setting up a business. It will also benefit businesses, which have been set up twelve months prior to their application of becoming a hub member, and need support in improving their operation including the production and promotion of their products.
Total Budget : 2.500.000 €.
The project will be implemented in 2014 and 2015.

The “Enterprising Socially” Initiative

Social entrepreneurship combines sustainable business models with social impact objectives. The “Enterprising Socially” project supports aspiring start-up and existing social entrepreneurs by delivering the following outputs/services:

  1. Public awareness and mobilization
  2. Consulting and capacity building
  3. Investment readiness and networking

Consulting services are to be provided to more than 100 social enterprises while at least 40 ventures will be supported in raising capital by the end of 2015.

Business Support Centre

The Centre will produce on-going economic research and analysis, feeding the City’s Economic Board and ADDMA with market intelligence for planning and policy formulation. In addition, the Centre will facilitate international business activity by assisting foreign companies in establishing and growing a business in Athens. Moreover, the Centre will provide customized solutions and advisory services to local businesses, targeting SMEs active in the tradeables sector.

Project INTERREG IVC – YOUNG SMEs: Sharing inter-regional knowledge in implementing support programs for new Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

This EU regional program aims at transferring know-how and building capacity of SME-supporting organisations throughout Europe thorugh a series of workshops and dissemination of case studies on local entrepreneurship programs.

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